Proof of Concept Reflections, Pt 3

Today’s “Proof of Concept Reflections” is more about my growing frustrations trying to locate resources and get certain features on my website to work properly. In short, the problems I am experiencing include: Difficulties locating good images of production equipment in Virginia, primarily the early equipment for my idea to show the evolution of equipment

Proof of Concept Reflections, Pt 2

Working on my site, Virginia Wine: History Uncorked, today I have focused more on the social media outreach. I created a new twitter handle, and would love for followers: @VAWineUncorked. In addition, I have started reaching out to others to see what type of content they would like to see added to the site. I

Oral Histories and Technology

Before I dive deeper into this week’s articles, I started thinking: Who has worked with oral histories before? Did you work with transcriptions, or with the recordings? What were your initial reactions to the OHMS article and search tool? I have not worked much with oral histories before, particularly digital recordings. I am still learning

Christina’s Content Strategy

First, I have to thank you for the feedback on the route I should take for my final project! I can not tell you how ENORMOUSLY helpful it was… Following popular comments, I am moving forward with the website focusing on the history and progress of wine in Virginia.  I am currently creating a museum exhibit